WEAR ME // “Po Susacku”

WEAR ME // “Po Susacku”

WEAR ME // “Po Susacku”

Walking from house to house on Susak I asked the local women to contribute with a piece of their old cloth and a story that was connected to the cloth. And from this material I will create a new “Po Susacku” national costume. In the working process one of the women Katica offered me to try her own Kamizoti. Wearing it walking around in the narrow streets on Susak I recorded the sound of the dress. The Ecco of all the skirts and pearls bouncing up and down sounded like the ocean. I ended up doing a performance on the beach in the dark night evolved from the womens stories of the old clothes.

Now that I returned to my own home country I will continue the work and also ask some women in Denmark to contribute to the project …

You can follow the working process here:




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