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2010: FAMILY

Expo guest curated by Cedric Christie and Vanja Balogh. In black artists who took part in person and in grey those who sent work to Cedric.

Cedric Christie | Amelia Christie | Emma Croft | Vanja Balogh | Petra Varl | David Brock | Hedley Roberts | Sian-Kate Mooney | Ludmilla Andrews | Katarina Dragoslavić | Daniel Devlin | Herzog Dellafiore | Simon Liddiment | Beulah Roberts | Lucija Stojević | Peter Blake | Chris Ofili | Jeff Wall | Dan Knight | Imi Knoebel | Lawson Okeyan | Lee Cavaliere | Bruce McLean | Kathy Prendergrast | Peter Doig | Perry Roberts | Cornelia Parker | Gavin Turk | Catherine Yass | Geoff McMillan | Cathy De Monchaux | Michelle Garner | Rebecca Scott | Mark Woods | Graham Gussin | Mathieu Mercier | Fiona Banner | Bob and Roberta Smith | Raul Pina | Ki Price | Tracey Bush | Slobodan Trajković | Paul Tucker | Geraldine Ryan | Paul Sakoilski | Ingrid Berthon-Moine | Roger Crimlis | Steven Lowe | Valerie Driscoll | Anna Niman | Yensik Kim | Karen Ay | Deborah Curtis | Louise Riley | Genevieve Closuit | Nina Saunders | Joanne Morgan | Jessica Voorsanger | Pascal Rousson | Mark Turner | Timoty Han | Richard Martin | John Stephens | 


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Susak Expo 2010             >>Family<<              23-29 August 2010                                         PRIVATE VIEW   28/29th August    2pm Start


Welcome to this exciting biannual art show, within the Croatian island idyll of Susak, situated in the pretty village of Gornje Selo. Curated by Cedric Christie and Vanya Balogh, featuring Sun-Sea-Sand and Family of world artists, including their kids, who will work together and show their Family art collaborations. This is an expo featuring a broad swathe of minds and hearts, sculptors, painters, architects, designers, film makers, etc….working passionately with their offspring and producing hybrid exotic art fruits, in the moment of creative euphoria.

” Family ” is an art show adventure in both film and photographic format, which helps to recapture our childhood island of lost content. Here is an island of riotous family art togetherness- an island of imaginations unfolding- an island of dreamscapes- an island of shared stories – an island of immersion in an ecstatic present.

“Family” unfolds art that straddles generations and bridges the eternal proverbial “gap”.

It is an alchemic synergy of parent and child reunion through artistic union – a blessed art cooperation – a joint creative reaching out to celebrate the world.

We play therefore we are. And we do it together.

In this show everyone is an artist- no ageism here – only art-ism and play-ism rule within our art island.

What better way to embrace and understand ourselves and our place in the universe?

Major and minor go hand in hand.

Nature is our conjoined spirit.

A family circle of unity.

Gaining time and space for us all.

In this Family show are we not but one extended art family?

Welcome to our paradise……..


Richard Martin