What, Where & When



Start of Susak expo 2022


12:00 Trip to Secret Garden [start at Kuća 600]


11:30 Searching for The Secret Garden

17:00 Keran James, ‘Simultaneity’ with a reading from TS Eliot [Kuća 600]

19:00 Messengers of the Void, Romeo in Julija

21:00 Film night [Kuća 600], Nafta and Empire Me!

22:45 Kurobolja, unofficial screening, Work-in-progress, Janko Matić and Peter Krajačiċ Vilović


6:30 Day Trip to Srakane and guided tour. [Boat leaves a 6:30], includes visit to Ivo Andrić’s house

17:00 Wine and Rakija tasting at Konoba Mario.

17:00 Book presentation ‘HeartLightKids’ by Dr. Theresia Maria

21:00 Presentation Photoproject + X by UAC at Galerija Vitrine

21:00 Change of Location. Presentation Photoproject + X by UAC at Galerija Kut


13:00 ‘Sort Things Out’ by Anna G. at Bon Beach

16:00 Gatanje, Lecture by Bojana Crnogorac on reading the future with coffee.

20:00 Mrave Brojim concert followed by a jam [Georg’s Terrace]. There will be food for sale and also everybody welcome to jam. Georg would like it to be a mobile phone free event.

22:00 ‘Set up a darkroom’ , middle path to lower village, mette at house 600, by Janina Klenke.


Mural by Vladimir Tomić Most ‘I’m Doing My Best To Relax’

10:00 Foraging and herbs walking tour. Edible and medical, by Kristina Volariċ. Meet at 10am at House 600

ALL DAY, Pocket Gallery, Julie Schwarzenberg, ‘small pictures at different places all over the island.

10:00-11:00 OFFICE / URED

11:00 Tomislav Brajnović ‘Susak Graffiti”, upper village

11:30 Galerija Vitrina, works by Janina Klenke, ‘Susak at Night’

15:00 ‘Can I Clean Your House?’ by Anna G.

16:00 ‘Untitled’ by Ursula Strohwald, Bok Beach to Shoe Beach

17:00 Melita Sorola, Bok Beach, ‘Za Let’

18:00 ‘Extending the Sea’, Devolo Idevero, City Beach.

19:00 – 20:00 OFFICE / URED

21:00 ‘Around The Corner’, by Renzo.
+ ‘Meeting Nouria’ by Noemi Stanke

At some point in the evening, live music at the vidikovac

Somewhere on the island and at some point during the evening, ‘Drinking Turkish Coffee with Daniel Devlin’


11:00 – 11:45  OFFICE / URED

16:30 Bok Beach, ‘Ceremony’

16:45 Dvojna Vježba by Messenger of The Art Sven Moro (in front of House 600)

17:00 Snježana Brajnović, “Boje” (‘Colours’), Window of Galerija 600.

17:15 ‘LOADING’ by Klara Dujmović, Window of Galerija 600

17:45 ‘In Memoriam: Peter Weihs’, start from House 600.

ALL DAY, all over the island, ‘Siesta Spots’ by Devoly Idevero

ALL DAY ‘Priče sa Suska’ by Jasna Šikanja



Last day of Susak expo 2024