Meeting on Susak

Meeting on Susak

DD: I might have got it terribly wrong but that painting in the background looks remarkably like I remember Koolmann’s “Meeting on Susak”, do you think that could be it?

CW: Good heavens! It must be a study or smaller version.

DD: Or a 1960s equivalent of a Giclée print? How big was the original?

CW: Well, quite large. I have a Ministry of Information, Culture and Education catalogue that details it as 4’ x 6’. That might be exaggerated; for some reason they exaggerated that kind of detail, but it indicates a large painting. Actually the more I look at the painting the more it looks like a detail of Koolman’s ‘The Chairman Drafting the First Seven Year Plan’. The figure on the left looks very like Kevin Stanley, then a young Political Director.