Bailey, E., Nationwide, SEAC Bridges Relay, Albert Embankment, June 2019

Jubayr checking jobs on his phone

Dohren, M. VPH, SEAC Bridges Relay, Albert Embankment, June 2019

Lance Tabraham

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Lance Tabraham

My practice is within the processes and transactions of portrait photography, particularly in relation to communities and the concept of subcultures. I work with both digital and film cameras, and make darkroom prints. Although my interest in film is based on its aesthetics, recently I have begun to look for ways to use it to confront the exploding metrication of our selves and our relationships.

During Susak Expo 2022 I will be exploring the island off grid to document any stories I might uncover. You may or may not receive occasional reports of my findings via digital media.