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Our names:
Vincenzo Marzotti, Anna Buttignol, David Ghione
Short Proposal:
FRATTURA is a documentary that investigates stories of reconstruction and re-elaboration of identity after a collective trauma, considering art as a potential resource in this process. Focusing specifically on two places massively affected by the refugees emergency, Berlin and Sicily, FRATTURA relates the traumas of the present with those of the past; across two areas of Europe seemingly so distant and different but in the end so
humanly close.
Short Bios:
Vincenzo Marzotti, roman, economist. In 2013 starts an enterprise in Berlin organizing cultural events with focus on live music and photo exhibitions. Through years develops a deep knowledge of
Anna Buttignol, born in Friuli, psychologist and psychotherapist. She offers individual and couple therapy in her private practice in Berlin, where she has been living since 2011.
David Ghione, roman, photographer. Collaborates with music and art independent magazines. Works on stage and live events in Italy. Lives since 2011 in Berlin as a freelance photograph.
Artist Statement:
We document the relationship between trauma and art through video and photography, following subtle plots of psychological and social investigation that unfold behind the images of the places and their aesthetic transformations.