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Anamarija Ami Podrebarac

Anamarija Ami Podrebarac was born in 1990. In Karlovac, Croatia. She completed her studies in applied arts in Rijeka in new media art and recontextualization.

She started a postgraduate degree at Central St. Martins in 2017. In photography.

She works in the area of artificial intelligence and centre focus of her work is to question our position in interpretation of art and expand our understanding and our own perceptions of the world by rejecting traditional ideas of the human form. She position technology as a centre of knowing rather than putting technology in the position of “other”.  She uses rhizomatic performance and let her work grow independently from her body.


A starting point for the idea came from the research on paradigm shifts in art history and looking into patterns and political events that are changing contemporary art. Shifting from the Marxist concept of the value and machinic ontology, we are living in the era of linguistic cognitive machines. Through my art practice, I am looking into new ways of expressing as a biological body, freed from the machining logic delivering new ways to interpret the world outside of “image being a representation of the world”.

I propose a project of durational performance where I would immerse my body as an act of contemporary human-machine as an act of protest towards algorithmic driven society and culture.